For a few years the Concorde Model Flying club had no base to call there own, club members became associated members of other clubs to keep flying and in touch with the social aspect of the hobby.

Made worse was the fact that the old field was packed up into a shipping container, which was broken into.
The club lost many things including a tractor used for land maintenance.

However, the lights have shone favourably at last and Concorde now has a parchment of land to call Home. The shade cloth is up. The runway is levelled the car park is marked. Everything is almost set to go with a brand new field for the club.

The property was found in the spring of 2016, and negotiations with the owner began to put the property up for sale. The owner accepted in the summer of 2017 and the application to purchase was put into MAAA in Mid-Autumn. In late August MAAA gave the new field approval and plans were lodged into council in September & by late November the council had granted planning approval. Settlement went through in mid-way through 2018. Once all the formal leases where agreed upon and signed the site changed drastically. With work commencing from the 2nd of November 2018. Since then, the new runway has been cleared and levelled, the pit areas have been given shade, the paving laid down and the roof was put on the club room to keep us all protected from the sun.

Concorde has a run way that runs East – West. Normally that may be a concern for those of you thinking about the winds. But the runway is 40 meters wide by 240 meters long. So any wind direction can be used.  The club does run in the air space shared with Edinburgh Air base and all approvals have been granted.

The new field is hoped to have input from new members for the additional use of space. Ideas include a semi permanent FPV track for quad copters and wings to race around, on-site camping (limited facilities) for event weekends. To name a few.

Now that Concorde has a place to call home, it will be a good time for new members to come into the hobby. With a big push for FPV quads and wings in the community the addition of a dedicated FPV area / track will be a great venue, possibly even for state and AUs wide competitions to be held.

Concorde MFC would like to thank a few groups of people.

Firstly, the Barossa Valley Model Aero Club and its members, for allowing Concorde members to fly between November 2016 to the end of June 2017 for free to keep us together. It speaks volumes for the hobby when clubs can rally together to keep the dream of Concorde alive.


Thank you to the members of Concorde that have stayed the distance to see a new field come to light. Also, to the new members that have joined during this process. They have seen the possibility of what was trying to be achieved and shared in the vision

Thank you to the members of Concorde who worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality, from negotiating with the owner, council, MAAA, members & neighbours.

And thank you to the MAAA & MASA, you where the lynch pin in bringing this all together.

If it wasn’t for everyone that helped, then who knows if South Australia would have another field or not.

Concordes new field is officially open for flying. To celebrate an open day / come and fly day will be held in May (date to be advised), This will be a great time for existing club members to bring friends and family. It will also be a great time for members from other clubs to come and check out the new field.

Concordes new home is 815 Boundary Road Reeves Plains South Australia.

  • Clint Young